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A few tips from our support guru, Victor "Some common login difficulties on all sites, not just this one"

Many failed login attempts?

If you see this 'Wrong Password' page repeatedly, make sure you manually type your login details.  Don't rely on your browser to do it for you.

Modern browsers will auto-complete your username, email and passwords into web pages - which is usually great.  But they can also save incorrect details.  We often see people trying the same wrong password or email over and over again.  The originally mistyped details are repeated on later attempts.

Manually typing your login should reset the browser AutoFill/AutoComplete to the right settings.

Right email address?

Make sure you're using the correct email address.  The email that's linked to your orders with us.

Most of us have more than one email address. A common problem is confusion about which email address is linked to an order. For Office Watch (and many other online stores) the email address will be the one linked to your Paypal account.

The order confirmation email, sent for each order, includes both the email address and login details.

Having login troubles?

If you're sure you've got the right email address and password combination but still can't get in then you might have an overzealous firewall getting in the way.

We do not have any third party cookies at our online store but some firewall products like ZoneAlarm do seem to block logins for some users. We've been unable to duplicate this problem with ZoneAlarm or any other product, which makes it hard to identify the source of the problem - let alone solve it.

We can tell you that a ZoneAlarm user did get it to work as follows:
" I found the problem in the Privacy section. It had 3rd Party Cookies blocked for

I right-clicked the red arrow in the 3rd Party Cookies block, selected Options, unchecked both Block 3rd Party Cookies and Remove Private Header Information.

I re-tried the store login and it worked fine. "

If the above advice doesn't help please let us know with details of your system and firewall settings. One way or another we'll get your ebooks to you.


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